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Alex (7) is super bright. He has so many big ideas, his head can barely contain them. Then one day he sang a song for us and revealed he has the voice of an angel. His character was a strong and fearsome guard “The Destroyer” yet all he wanted was to be allowed to sing. Alex was motivated to portray the strong and gentle side of his character. He realised that this would be an important part of the story and he threw everything into it.  When the performance finally came, he was confident, disciplined and focussed. And when he sang…. the audience were astonished! Alex loved the reaction. Now he is set on making up stories so he can be a hero.

Sarah May (11) was so timid at first, she found it difficult to enter the room. Everything worried her. She joined part way through the term and rehearsals were already under way. She was encouraged to be part of what was happening and then she asked if there was something she could say. She was given lines as the rehearsals progressed and she blossomed to the point where she was one of the most animated and articulate performers in the class. Now she is hoping to play more substantial roles in the stories they will create next term.

Taylie (13) started part way through the year. She was fairly confident but as a new girl, she felt that perhaps she would not get to play a big role. She contributed many ideas as Upstage developed the story they wanted to turn into a play which they would eventually perform. She grew more confident and took risks. It was obvious she was capable and her character became one of the most important, influencing the direction of the story. Because she understood the character’s motivation, her characters words were her words and she produced an authentic, believable performance. Now Taylie is excited and looking forward to whatever the new term will bring. 

Sophie (8) was so worried about getting things wrong, she was scared to do improvised Drama. After a while she realised that whatever she did in Drama, it was always right. Sophie is so confident now, she helps new people to settle in and encourages them to be brave like she was. Sophie played the major role of Pink Panther in Lights Out!  It was a part she created and performed magnificently.

Tilly (8) took a while to find her place in Drama but she did it at her own pace and has blossomed into an assured and confident actor. She can always be relied upon to give an entertaining and rock solid performance but her talent lies in driving the drama forward with her great ideas and ability to befriend others.

Michaela (13) is always bubbly and friendly. She jumps at every opportunity to perform and will work hard to get it right. She takes what she does seriously but isn’t a Drama Queen. She is able to laugh at herself and shrugs off “disasters” with good humour like the time she had a quick change on stage in the blackout. The lights came on to reveal her costume had been put on back to front!

Jake (15) has always been great at playing with roles but shyness held him back – until last year. He played a chilled out hippy in “Breakdown!” and performed a solo number involving Aliens. It’s hard to believe this quiet boy engaged and entertained an audience with a confident swagger! Jake has shown he is versatile and can play a variety of believable roles. He won most improved Performer in the senior Summer Workshop. Jake said to Linda, after telling a rather risqué joke, “It’s your fault – you made me confident!”

Cain (11) joined us last Easter and threw himself into his role which he then expanded. He has such wonderful comic timing and facial expressions. He stunned us when he performed a complex, athletic dance move in rehearsal. He went on to win Upstage Best Dancer trophy. Nothing seems to phase him and he loves coming to drama where he can truly be himself. We haven’t seen the best of him yet – he’s one to watch!

Julian (16) is so good at foreign accents and picks the one to develop a character he is working on. It is always the best choice. Last year in “Breakdown!” he played Hans, a student from Holland visiting London. He decided Hans was a happy, optimistic character who saw the best in everyone but Julian also showed Hans’ darker side. He won Centre Stage Most Improved Performer and the Company Cup. Julian also played “Bottom” in “A Midsummer Night’s Scream,” a lightly pruned version of Shakespeare’s original play. His performance was strong, assured and brilliantly interpreted.

Felix (15) is an eccentric extrovert born for the Stage. He has played a variety of hugely entertaining roles but his version of Titania (Yes Titania!) was animated, hilarious and compelling to watch. This year in the senior Summer Workshop of “A Midsummer Night’s Scream,” Felix learned Bhangra dancing (the girls’ dance style) and pulled it off despite being over six foot tall and with arms and legs that go on forever! He stole the show!



LEADA Cambs is a drama academy based in Cambridgeshire. We currently provide classes from 5 years up to 18 years.

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