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It has helped me to make friends and how to be an actor. I feel very proud now.

She loved attending drama with you and it made up a large part of her life. We were so proud of her to gain that award.

It has made me feel so good but I can’t describe why – it just does!

Once again thank you for a very successful Summer workshop. We all really enjoy being involved.

Many thanks for all your encouragement. He really enjoys the workshops and performances.

Thanks for a great performance. The whole cast were great. You must be very proud of them. We were as parents of one but felt they were all of ours.

Can I just say thank you and well done with the great work you did with Hands Up!

She had attended since she was five and it is the one place she feels truly at ease. She is allowed to be herself and you channel and enhance her creative flair and love of Drama, whilst allowing each young person to retain their own unique style. Best wishes with your new classes. We will continue to promote them

Fantastic. I know how my Grandchildren have gained confidence since joining

......the girls were just fantastic in their plays, all the kids were. Each group devised the play, sorted their own characters and costumes, all Linda Ekins did was write the script using the words the kids told her to with a little padding. Emmy always owns the stage when she is on but this was Fifi's first time and we have had a few tears and nerves over it but she was amazing and so loud and clear....and she nailed the cry scene last night which has caused her so many problems (she is naturally a silent cryer). Well done to everyone and look forward to the next one......

Thoroughly enjoyed it all. There were some lovely performances in each class. Well Done , Linda. Another great production under your belt but the first under your new flag!!! Long may it fly!


LEADA Cambs is a drama academy based in Cambridgeshire. We currently provide classes from 5 years up to 18 years.

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