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What is LEADA’s mission?

  • Members will improvise/ explore ideas and issues raised by the members, guided by the tutor, to develop positive relationships, social skills, empathy and understand consequences and motives.
  • We will initiate imaginative, dramatic play leading to opportunities to show other members and perform their stories to an audience.
  • We will encourage interrogation and adoption of scripts including those devised by members, refined by Linda Ekins and published scripts by other playwrights to experience how scripts can be interpreted and worked.
  • There will be activities and projects to improve and develop vocal skills and confidence including choral and solo speaking/ singing and vocal improvisation.
  • There will be activities and projects to improve and develop confidence in dance and animated movement in a variety of ways, promoting members’ own choreography
  • We aim to develop an appreciation of a variety of music genres and enable participation of music making eg. drumming, a cappella, beat box etc
  • We will use puppetry and mask to explore story, character, motivation, and movement and provide opportunities to make puppets and masks.
  • Long term plans are in place so that there is a varied but structured framework for development of skills and conceptual understanding; to raise self-esteem, making members more resilient to peer pressure and giving them confidence to express themselves effectively.
  • LEADA classes will perform plays that members have created through improvisation and development of plot, character and presentation. Plays are appropriate to their emotional and intellectual development.

How many LEADA performances are there each year?
One showcase performance for parents mid year (Jan/Feb) Showcase will demonstrate what has been experienced/ achieved so far.

One Major theatre production of their creation with full professional technical support, staging and costume in the Summer Term.
LEADA members are often invited to take part in festivals/events throughout the year as a whole company/ in groups/ classes or as individuals

How will LEADA assess a member’s progress?
Members are assessed through their engagement in activities. Teacher observation identifies skills and targets achieved and this is reported to parents. There are no formal exams taken but members will have their achievements recognised with LEADA certificates and awards. In performance, members are actively encouraged to participate and perform confidently, achieving their best.

Is there a uniform?
At LEADA we believe that children should simply be themselves, free to express their personality through the clothes they choose to wear. There is no need for a uniform. LEADA members unite through their sense of humour and the aims and ideals they have in common. This is what makes them feel they belong. We do however need to be practical so we ask that members wear clothes they feel comfortable in and can wear safely in physical activity.

Will they be safe?
All classes are supervised by qualified adults holding current DBS (CRB) enhanced disclosures and Chaperone Licences. They also hold current First Aid certificates.
Members and tutors are expected to treat others in a manner they would wish to be treated i.e with respect and kindness, acceptance and tolerance. Established members are encouraged to welcome and befriend new members and help them to settle in. Members are encouraged to persevere and work together, take responsibility and show consideration to others.
(See our Child Protection Policy)


LEADA Cambs is a drama academy based in Cambridgeshire. We currently provide classes from 5 years up to 18 years.

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