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Linda spent many years teaching Drama in schools, colleges, theatre groups including the Angles Theatre in Wisbech.

“I developed a way to help children and adults do more than `put on a play.’ LEADA members have ownership of their ideas and have fun creating their own stories and plays from scratch. They create hilarious comedies and profound thought-provoking pieces designed to make their audiences think. We do a lot of role play, solve problems, work out characters and their motives and work together so that members have a voice which is heard. We have a lot of laughs together, make great friends, do crazy things but we also take what we do seriously.”


All our team have a DBS certificate (CRB) and chaperone licence

Our Team

Linda, Richard, Brandon, Lindzi, Kris and Steve

Linda Ekins Cert Ed RSA Adv Dip – Owner and Principal Tutor

Linda has extensive experience and expertise in the field of Drama, Improvisation and Performing Arts. She started specialising in drama and performing arts as a teacher in primary schools. She went on to become a coordinator for creative Arts bringing together several schools in Peterborough and providing in-service training in Drama, Dance, Music and Art. She gained three RSA Advanced Diplomas in Drama in Education, Theatre and Performing Arts. She works with schools to improve Literacy through Drama and is a Drama consultant advising and training teachers in Drama Teaching strategies. She has worked with other professionals to deliver quality Drama activities and experiences to hearing impaired and children with additional needs. She worked with BTec Drama students, specialising in Improvisation to develop their ability to analyse and understand characters’ motivation. Many of these students are now professional actors in TV Theatre and Film and many more are qualified tutors in their field of Performing Arts. Her Drama expertise is also used by commercial companies to improve communication and motivation to promote good practice, efficient delivery and profit. Linda is a professional singer and voice coach, director and playwright.



Richard Thompson

BA(Hons) Drama: Acting for Stage and Media. – Assistant Tutor

Richard started his theatre career as a student in First Stage (then at the Angles Theatre.) He progressed through Upstage and Centre Stage and went on to study Drama at the Isle College Wisbech before going to university.

Richard studied Drama: Acting for Stage and Media at the University of West London. Upon reaching University he realised a niche for playing characters of the same name, portraying “Richard Rich” in Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons, “Richard Whitehall” in Twisting, a one act, one man show by Dan Byam-Shaw, and “Richard” in Dissent Ensemble’s Variations on a Theme at the Camden People’s Theatre, his first piece of professional work.

While studying, Richard has assisted Linda Ekins in workshops and provided support in stage management and as chaperone. More recently he has worked with Linda as a role player in LEADA classes and in Education projects delivered to local primary schools. His performance skills and expertise in devising theatre will add to the experience we provide for members.

Richard aspires to write and star in his own sitcom or sketch show, valuing comedy as the best gift to give.



Brandon Loveless

BA(Hons) Dance – Choreographer

Brandon joined us as a member of Centre Stage. During his time with us he discovered his talent for dance and he went on to study dance at Lincoln university. Brandon’s first choreography was for a junior Summer workshop called Children of Lir, an old Irish legend. It was told mainly through dance and animation and was very beautiful. Since then he has been a regular guest choreographer. He is just finishing his Masters degree in choreography and has enjoyed working with all three classes and Senior Summer Workshop members, enhancing their performances. He helps them to get the best out of their moves, collaborating and working within their range. They all love what he does and how he makes them feel they can succeed in dance. brandon@leada.biz


Lindzi Morgan – Child Protection/Safeguarding Officer and Assistant Tutor

Lindzi is an assistant teacher in a local primary where she is responsible for delivering support to children with additional needs. She has recently been appointed SEN high needs teaching assistant and Learning Mentor overseeing development plans and their delivery. She is also trained in First Aid.

Lindzi has assisted Linda in running the First Stage class for a number of years. Originally, as a mum helper, she became a friendly face, settling new children into the class. Now she is an experienced chaperone, trusted and adored by the children and is able to talk to parents about their concerns.

More recently, she has developed Drama skills and is an accomplished role player, adding an extra element to the children’s experience. lindzi@leada.biz


Kris Lightburn – Administrator DBS

Kris has a wealth of skills in administration, logistics and customer service, developed over 20 years. From working in the Royal Navy, to her experience of dealing with companies such as Mercedes and SAAB, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, she has dealt with more filing and spreadsheets than you can imagine! She enjoys reading and crafts and is currently studying with the Open University.                               

“I believe that all children and young adults can benefit from the opportunity of attending LEADA classes. Building self-esteem and confidence in children from an early age helps them to develop their own sense of identity – having their own convictions and beliefs makes for more well-adjusted personalities, resisting peer pressure and developing into responsible adults. Seeing the children take pride in the progress of their story each week, developing the confidence to suggest their own ideas, stretch their imaginations – it’s wonderful to see them take these first steps as they evolve into bright, confident people.” kris@leada.biz


Steve Ekins – Photographer and chaperone DBS

Steve has assisted Linda Ekins in many theatre projects and shows over the years. He has acted in many plays ranging from comedy to thought provoking drama. Now he adds an extra dimension to productions by recording our epic soundtracks, finding the perfect music or sound effect to create just the right mood to enhance the performances.

He also finds time to photograph rehearsals and prepares the images for our programmes and publicity. steve@leada.biz



LEADA Cambs is a drama academy based in Cambridgeshire. We currently provide classes from 5 years up to 18 years.

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